The Portland Brooklyn Project is a new, grassroots organization dedicated to uniting the creative communities of Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York.

Mission Statement: Building on shared cultural DNA, the Portland Brooklyn Project nurtures connections, partnerships and new opportunities between Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York. The goal is to create a rich web of alliances, strategic exchanges, long-term relationships and expanded audiences and markets for creative individuals, forward-thinking businesses and arts and academic institutions.

Brief history: Founded in 2009 by Portland painter, Molly Cliff Hilts and Brooklyn author/host of PRI’s “Studio 360″, Kurt Andersen, the two knew they were on to something when they couldn’t keep track of all the connections they wanted to foster between both cities. Word got out that they were getting organized and the list of people interested in the project grew exponentially. The result has been rich connections between Portland and Brooklyn’s creative communities.